Discussion Dinner #8: Lost & Found [Sept 26]

“I have found things while I was lost that I might never have discovered if I had stayed on the path. I have lived through parts of life that no one in her right mind would ever willingly have chosen, finding enough overlooked treasure in them to outweigh my projected wages in the life I had planned.”
–Barbara Brown Taylor (she wrote a whole chapter on getting lost in her book Altar in the World)

Were you lost? Did you lose something precious to you? What did you learn from the experience? How did it end? Everyone has experienced it. You’ve lost something and then found it again or found it in a new way. This discussion dinner is a night for celebrating the Lost and the Found. Come with a story to share.

“Getting lost extracts characteristics that are nameless to us prior.”
Darling Magazine Lost and Found

Date & Time

Sept 26 from 7-10


Molly & SJ’s apt (details in the invite)


Breakfast foods! French toast (“lost bread”) will be provided by Molly and SJ. Possible suggestions are omelettes, granola & yogurt, smoked salmon & cream cheese w/ bagels or baguettes, bacon, breakfast bhan mi, fruit salad, breakfast tacos, etc.


BYOB, but we are looking for a couple people to provide stuff for mimosas. 🙂


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