Dinner #2: Recap

Last night’s discussion about community was great! There are multiple facets to community: shared interests, proximity, and vulnerability, to name a few. Our best communities have occurred when we had regular interactions (at least once a week, although, most were multiple times a week) that included both casual and significant moments. Our communities have grown the most when we have said “yes” to new things (even when it has scared us), taken notice of the people around us, and intentionally made time for the people who matter. Some of us consider ourselves initiators and some of us wait to be pulled out of our introversion, but we all agreed that reciprocity is needed for great community. We all agreed that we want to feel that we’re necessary, that we’re missed, that the little unique piece of the world that we carry with us is desired and appreciated by others. We all starve without true community. So let’s do our part. Let’s reach other to those who matter to us. Let’s have adventures together. Let’s choose the other instead of staying safe and insulated alone. This year, let’s commit to choosing love instead of fear.

community discussion dinner

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