Discussion Dinner #9: Loving Inefficiently

Announcing the first dinner of 2016, and, boy, am I excited! If you haven’t already read the vision for 2016, do it now. To kick off the year, Discussion Dinner is teaming up with Matt Inman of Inefficiency podcast. As we discuss loving inefficiently, we’ll be recording this dinner for a future episode of Inefficiency. (All dinner guests will be required to sign a release form.)

There are so many elements to our makeup.

Our experiences, relationships, passion, convictions and faith all make up who we are and what we care about in this life the most.  But most days we are in the mode of efficiency, just needing to get things done. And while efficiency is great, it hardly ever creates the proper space to explore and grow in what matters most to us. This dinner discussion Matt will be guiding us through a conversation on what it looks like to be more inefficient with our love this year.

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Matt Inman is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor in the state of Texas and has a private practice here in Austin. Matt also hosts the podcast Inefficiency, a show focused on relationships, passion and faith. He enjoys bringing people together to talk about and experience what matters most.

Please, join us for our first Discussion Dinner of 2016!



7-7:30 – Gather and Mingle

7:30 – Start dinner

7:45-8:45 – Record for the podcast

8:45-10:30 More discussion and birthday cake to celebrate one year of Discussion Dinner!



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