Dinner #5: Family [May 30]

Our conversation will center around family. Some people gravitate towards their natural family, while others also have a family of choice. Who is a part of your family? Has your definition of family changed? Do you make a distinction between close friends and family?

Joe LeBlanc and Andrew Asdell are our gracious hosts this month, and they’ve come up with, what I think is, a great idea:

Our meal will be a potluck. If you are so inclined, please prepare a family recipe to share (approx. 4-6 servings). We wanna taste food that is important to you! We’ll have everyone post on the Facebook page what they’re planning on bringing so that we’ll have a balanced meal (although, I’m championing for all desserts).

If you would prefer not to cook, please email me, and we can assign you beverages, rolls, salads, etc… (around $10).


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